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  • Glow Toner Collagen

    د.إ 280.00

    Introducing our revolutionary new toner, crafted with utmost care and composed of 100% natural ingredients. Our all-natural toner is a blend of the finest components. We’ve carefully selected powerful ingredients to harness their unique properties and create a toner that not only nourishes your skin but also enhances its overall health and radiance.
    * Slows aging
    * Firms skin
    * Reduces wrinkles
    * Enhances skin appearance
    * Promotes skin rejuvenation
    * Minimizes pores
    * Adds a radiant glow to the skin
    * Exfoliates and removes dead cells
    * Stimulates skin cell regeneration
    * Nourishes with natural and effective ingredients
    * Helps tighten pores
    * Boosts natural facial moisture
    * Disinfects and cleanses infections
    * Doubles as makeup fixer
    * Provides sun protection

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