Glow Toner Collagen


Introducing our revolutionary new toner, crafted with utmost care and composed of 100% natural ingredients. Our all-natural toner is a blend of the finest components. We’ve carefully selected powerful ingredients to harness their unique properties and create a toner that not only nourishes your skin but also enhances its overall health and radiance.
* Slows aging
* Firms skin
* Reduces wrinkles
* Enhances skin appearance
* Promotes skin rejuvenation
* Minimizes pores
* Adds a radiant glow to the skin
* Exfoliates and removes dead cells
* Stimulates skin cell regeneration
* Nourishes with natural and effective ingredients
* Helps tighten pores
* Boosts natural facial moisture
* Disinfects and cleanses infections
* Doubles as makeup fixer
* Provides sun protection

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rose water, resin, flax, chia, cloves, cinnamon, Dead Sea minerals, perfume and preservative (glycerin).


keep the bottle slightly away from the face (about 20 cm) and close the eyes and spray between 3-5 sprays directly on the facial skin. It is recommended to use twice a day for optimal results.


avoid spraying directly into the eye area when they are open. not for eating.


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Glow Toner Collagen